Markus is not only a really good old friend of mine, but he also runs the largest surfshop in Sweden. If you are looking for new booties or a fin set up, he has all the different brands and good knowledge to help you choose. And if you ask him about the very latest surfboard models from the major brands – you’r in for a treat!
If you want a back yard hand built, straight, fast, channel eps/epoxy surfboard – Calle is the man! Calle has specialized on building his very appreciated MahiMahi version of a tomo-fish. He also runs the Surf-Deli, an on-line surfshop with personal delivery in the Stockholm area.
Shaper friend Matte Wiberg creates surfboards that not only works insanely well, but also looks more than good. With precision handcraft in everything from shaping, cut-lap laminating, air-brushing and andvanced swirl tints, his boards stands out from the crowd!
Lars does it all (skate, windsurf, kitsurf, surf…) and he rips! He is also an engineer that likes to measure and design boards on his computer, planning to produce his own designs in the near future . Larry also a small shop specialized on Chilli surfboards. If you want to have a look at the Fader, the Miami Spice or any other of the many Chilli models – call Larry!