WELCOME to Eight08, a Swedish surfboard brand.. NO! I don’t like the brand-concept at all. It feels much too much marketing-BS, let’s start all over: WELCOME to Eight08, a Swedish local surfboard manufacturer.. No, no! “Manufacturer” sound too much industrial mass-production, mass-marketing, mass-sales, let’s try again: WELCOME to Eight08, a Swedish craft surfboard builder… No, no, no! Sounds too much “hipster-arty-crafty-romantic”, I can hardly glass a surfboard without geting stressed. One last try, this time keeping it simple and true:

Hi there, I’m Jesper and I like to shape and glass surfboards. I made up the name Eight08 from living in Stockholm where the phone area code is 08, and from my favourite island chain where the area code is 808. Here you will find descriptions of boards I have built, some descriptions of why and how I have built them, as well some boards that are or might become for sale. There will also pop up related but more random stuff once in a while. Please feel free to have look around!